Can You Forgive Her?

a piece by Matthew Earnest

Performed by Andi Dëma, Nathan Mohebbi, Shawn Parr, Nicole Perrone, Samantha Rosentrater, and Vanessa Sawson
Scenic + Costume Design by William Bezek
Sound Design by Anthony Narciso
Lights + Video Design + Choreography by Matthew Earnest

premiere: 12 December 2013 at The Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center, Huntington, WV

The Lunar Stratagem makes a mockery of posh British dialects, hunts foxes with cardboard ponies, sets dancing girls a-twirl in see-thru hoops, and busts some post-punk karaoke in this brazen corruption of Anthony Trollope’s treasured 1865 novel. A freewheeling American dance-theater performance set to rigid Victorian themes, Can You Forgive Her? follows three hapless gals through a labyrinth of misplaced affection and failed relationships as, against all counsel and common sense, they stick to their guns and bet everything on a utopian ideal.