poor little Lulu

a piece by Matthew Earnest
from Frank Wedekind’s ‘Lulu’ plays: Earth Spirit and Pandora’s Box
Performed by Jay C. Ellis, Mark Farr, Val Kozlenko, Karl LaMarca, Katie Nabors, Adam Seeholzer, and Luke Wehner
Scenic + Costume Design by William Bezek
Sound Design by James Kosmatka
Lighting Design by Benjamin Gantose

Lulu is on the lam following the accidental death of her adopted father/lover/pimp, and changing aliases the way most girls change shoes. Running from man to man, house to house, and country to country, sent to prison for life and then sprung by an obsessed lesbian countess, Lulu ultimately meets a horrifying fate at the hands of a serial murderer. A pretty orphan girl selling flowers at a café dies a whore under a crumbling overpass. But then, who could be good in a world like this? Part Tanztheater, and part garage theater noir, Matthew Earnest’s funny, ribald poor little Lulu challenges theatrical narrative, upending sexual archetypes and combining eclectic performance elements to create a dynamic new work.

premiere: 9 March 2012 at the James Levin Theatre, Cleveland Public Theatre