I, Ca$$ie… or The end of days

a piece by Matthew Earnest

Performed by Nicole Perrone
Scenic + Costume Design by William Bezek
Sound Design by James Kosmatka
Lighting Design by Matthew Earnest

premiere: 12 January 2012 at The Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center, Huntington, WV

Inspired by Cassandra, the shrill prophet of doom from Greek mythology, Matthew Earnest’s piece features Ca$$ie – head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and valedictorian of Troy High School – on probation for drunk driving and putting in community service hours at a fast food drive-thru. Ever since the car accident that put her brother Hector in a coma, Ca$$ie has been having “the freakiest dreams,” horrifying visions about the end of the world. The most persistent one, about a tall horse at the gate, is especially annoying, and all Ca$$ie really wants is sleep. She has no idea that this night will be her last – after a series of economic meltdowns, breathtaking displays of greed, and massive cuts in education to fund imperialistic wars, her formerly great nation is vulnerable and ill equipped for the modern world. Armageddon is encroaching just outside the Bigger Burger.

“Hi, I’m Ca$$ie, standard-bearer of the apocalypse! May I take your order?”